Welcome to the Carbon Ready Reckoner - an on-line tool specifically developed to enable Courtauld 2 signatories to evaluate the carbon impact relating to design changes in:

  • the weight of packaging;
  • their recycled content or recycling rate; and
  • product concentration and palletisation efficiencies in transportation.

This tool will help facilitate user understanding of the impact of such changes and their contribution towards the Courtauld Commitment’s carbon reduction target, as well as their own company carbon targets.

The Ready Reckoner uses WRAP’s ‘carbon methodology’ to measure the Courtauld packaging target and users of the Reckoner will need to be familiar with this process.

Whilst the carbon methodology and Reckoner use life cycle thinking, users should be aware of their limitations. For instance, users should not use the Reckoner for cross-material comparisons as life cycle stages are not included in the scope of the database and it may influence the results.

Getting Started

The first step in using the Carbon Ready Reckoner is to work on an existing project or create a new project.

Go to projects >

How to use the Carbon Ready Reckoner

The Carbon Ready Reckoner has been designed to be clear and easy to use. Simply work your way through the tabs above starting with creating a new project in the 'Projects' tab. The last tab will show you the results based upon all the inputs you entered in Definition, Consumer Unit, Secondary and Transport.

Further advice is displayed on each page.

Download the Carbon Ready Reckoner Manual


Looking for help?

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